A city of haves and have nots, where the criminal underbelly tries to constantly disturb the peace!

Gotham is an innovative highly deflationary token which rewards its holders with reflections of our native token. The token is designed to increase its value intrinsically. The higher the volume of trading is the quicker the tokens rarity is increased via the Wayne Tech deflationary system.

As massive graphic novel fans the aim of the token is to also gift donations to the wonderfully talented people who bring these amazing stories to life - the artists. They have changed our lives so it's only right we reciprocate. Furthermore, our intention is to also introduce the artists to the limitless space of NFT and to help them earn the money they deserve. We intend on building a Gotham in NFT worlds to showcase these artist's brilliant work providing them the platform that they merit.



5% of all transactions is redistributed to holders as Gotham tokens


4% of all transactions is added to the liquidity pool


2% of buy and 5% of all sell transactions is sent to the Marketing Wallet

Sins Treasury

1% of all transactions is donated to Sins Treasury


Token Distribution
50% Burn
35% Initial Liquidity
15% Launchpad Presale

The Wayne Tech deflationary system

  • On launch, 50% of the entire supply will be burnt and sent to the "black hole" address. This will make "the black hole" address the biggest holder of tokens.
  • It will then receive reflections based on its weightage like every other holder.
  • As "the black hole" address accumulates more tokens and increases its weightage, the rewards it receives to burn increases, creating an accelerated automated burning system.


We are team with a wealth of experience from being involved in several different projects across Defi. Our privacy is a must as our identities must remain hidden from the villains of Gotham, however, we will be doxed with partners, and we will KYC and all our contracts will be audited by reputable 3rd party companies.


Gotham is on Ethereum. You can only purchase Gotham on Uniswap. This is the ONLY contract address : N/A
No, your rewards will automatically be sent to your wallet.
Suggested slippage to buy 12%-13% .
Suggested slippage to sell 16%-18% .
Our entire team are huge fans of graphic novels, and on a recent trip to London Comic-con our team realized just how hard it is for artists with such amazing talent, to make the income they deserve. Many of them are unaware of the limitless possibilities that are available to them in the digital world of NFT’s, and we want to be the ones to educate and give them a platform to enter this domain, whilst also giving them the gifts that they deserve!

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